Class Gift

We look forward to celebrating with you at convocation. Can you help a student in need make it to their graduation, too?

You are joining a community of change-makers, risk-takers, and life-savers who are making a difference locally and abroad. The class of 2018 is banding together to help future students. Honour those who supported you—donors, family members, instructors, and friends—by passing on the goodwill to a student following in your footsteps.

Grads like you can make a difference for students like Adam:

“ Thank you so much for the bursary! I wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for you. When I graduate, I hope I can—like you—pass along the kindness to others.”

—Adam, UFV Bursary Recipient

Donate today and your gift will be matched 7:1 by your UFV Community. Challenge your parents, friends, and professors to do the same. Your donation of $20.18 becomes $161.44 to help future students.


Message from the UFV Alumni Association Board Chair:

Congratulations Class of 2018 on reaching this important milestone!

The UFV Alumni Association has a tradition of welcoming its newest members to the alumni family by making a donation in their honour. For your graduating year, we have committed to match the first $2,018 given toward the 2018 Class Gift Campaign. This money will support future students who follow in your footsteps at UFV.

As you celebrate, I encourage you to join us by giving $20.18. Your gift will be matched 7:1 by your UFV community. The Student Union Society, President Mark Evered, Board of Governors Chair John Pankratz, an anonymous donor, the Faculty and Staff Association, and I have each committed $2,018 to match gifts toward this campaign.

Your donation of $20.18 becomes $161.44 to help future students.

We are incredibly proud of you, your diligence, and the many achievements that have brought you to this point; welcome to the alumni family.

—Nik Venema, UFV Alumni Association Chair Emeritus

10 reasons to donate $20.18 or $201.80 or even $2,018.00 as you, or a graduand you wish to honour, graduates!

Did you receive a scholarship or bursary while you were a student at UFV?  If you didn’t – could you have benefited from one?  Help make it possible for even more students to receive this important funding support.

  1. Honor what you love about UFV.
    Now is your chance to pay tribute to that special professor, class,  or student activity that changed your life forever.
  2. Commemorate one of the most important journeys of your life.
    You can celebrate your UFV journey – from Weeks of Welcome to Convocation, you have a lot to celebrate.
  3. Give a little to change a lot.
    Your gift to future students will be matched 7:1. Your donation of $20.18 becomes $161.44 to help future students.
  4. Ensure UFV is one of the best undergraduate universities in Canada.
    Alumni giving positively impacts national rankings and, in return, protects and enhances the value of your credential
  5. Lead the way for future Alumni.
    You can help ensure that future students can create their own unique experiences.
  6. It all adds up!
    If you and every graduate from the Class of 2018 makes a donation of $20.18, we could raise over $50,000! That would provide four new bursaries which would continue to be awarded year after year.  When combined, each of our gifts have a tremendous impact and can make a world of difference for students struggling to make ends meet.
  7. It’s fun to give!
    As a Class of 2018 donor, you will be invited to donor events and networking opportunities throughout the year.
  8. Make a statement.
    Lead by example — let’s create a real legacy together!
  9. Inspire a culture of philanthropy at UFV.
    Inspire future graduating classes, alumni, parents, faculty and staff with your generosity of our Class Gift. Help build an upswell in support for students.
  10. Leave your mark.
    Whatever the reason, giving to your Class of 2018 Gift is the perfect way to leave your mark at the University—and a wonderful way to begin your new, important role as a proud UFV alumna/alumnus.



100% of the Alumni Association Board members are donating monthly to support UFV students!

Nik Venema, Alumni Board Chair Emeritus, invites and challenges you to propel alumni giving to a whole new level at UFV. Pass it on! Be the lead graduating class to help even more students who follow in our footsteps — and the Association will match your generosity.