Keeping in Touch — Rep’rep’skan Morris Prosser 

Morris ProsseRep’rep’skan Morris Prosser (BA ’17) majored in sociology and English and is a policy analyst with the BC Public Service. “I currently work to implement the Together for Wildlife Strategy. My focus is working collaboratively with First Nations to co-develop pathways to shared-decision making between First Nations and the Province. 

“I always knew that I wanted to contribute to the expansion of my St’át’imc people’s sovereignty and the recognition of Indigenous Title and Rights. I’ve always been on that pathway and the work that I am doing currently is part of that. 

“The words of my ancestors are always present in my mind and I look to walk in this world through the lens of what they said in the Declaration of the Lillooet Tribe. 

“I love that I am contributing to the reconciliation efforts of the province and to broader reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and Canadian society. I also enjoy the collaborative nature of my work. 

“The staff and space at UFV Indigenous Student Centre helped me a lot to get to where I am now. The supportive and cultural environment allowed me to learn the value of my own culture and perspective as a St’át’imc man and instilled the confidence to bring that forward. The mentors I had at UFV were also extremely important. Professors and leaders like Wenona HallKatherine WatsonJames HutchinsonShirley HardmanDarren Blakeborough and others, all provided advice and the leeway to explore how Indigenous issues and perspectives could be applied to the everyday world.” 

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