Membership Cards

As a graduate of UFV you are automatically considered a member of the UFV Alumni Association. You are also entitled to your personalized photo ID membership card. Your membership card gives you access to the perks and privileges available to Alumni Association members.

Applying for your card: Graduates of 2020

Have your membership card photo taken for free:
1. With Artona Group Photography. Visit to book your session. Or,

2.Visit the Campus Card office at S1101 on the Abbotsford campus before or after your convocation ceremony.

Applying for your card: Alumni

Visit the Campus Card office at the new Student Union Building, Room S1101 on the Abbotsford campus to get your photo taken and have your card printed immediately.

Unable to get to Abbotsford during regular work hours? Visit the UFV Chilliwack Library, Building A on the Canada Education Park campus to get your photo taken. Their staff will verify your ID, confirm your mailing address and take your photo. Your membership card will be printed and mailed to you.

Applying for your card: Distant Alumni

If you do not live locally, complete this form and submit a photo and proof of ID to request your membership card.

Change of Name

If your name has been legally changed since you graduated and you would like your alumni card issued in your new name, complete a change of name request.

Take the completed form to the Office of the Registrar, along with the required proof of ID. Indicate that you are changing your name and your record will be updated immediately. You will then be able to get your membership card printed at the Campus Card office.

You may also scan the completed change of name form and submit it with your online membership card request if you do not live locally.


Email or call the Alumni Relations office (604) 557-4008