Distinguished Alumni

Distinguished and Young Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

The UFV Distinguished Alumni Award is conferred on a UFV graduate who has achieved outstanding distinction in career, educational achievement, or community service. The Young Distinguished Alumni Award goes to a graduate of UFV who is 35 years of age or younger and who has achieved outstanding distinction in the same categories. Both awards recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of exceptional alumni, emphasizing the hard work of our alums across all ages and careers.


DAAYDAA square headshots3
Eric Gerbrandt
DAA 2023
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DAAYDAA square headshots2
Eryn Braley
YDAA 2023
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Matt Douma
DAA 2022
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Kara Chan
YDAA 2022
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Untitled design 30
Jason Beck
DAA 2021
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Untitled design 28
Sheetal Deo
YDAA 2021
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Sonya Sangster 1 Blog
Sonya Sangster
DAA 2019
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Jesse W 630x350
Jesse Wegenast
YDAA 2019
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Liz Harris resized for web
Liz Harris
DAA 2018
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Andrew Alexander resized for web
Andrew Alexander
YDAA 2018
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Emily Henry DAA 2017 WEB
Emily Henry
DAA 2017
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Alexis Warmerdam WEB MUST CREDIT Post Photography Tanya Goehring
Alexis Warmerdam
YDAA 2017
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DAA winner Gary Bass 2016 2
Gary Bass
DAA 2016
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YDAA winner Shannon Thiesen 2016 2 4x6
Shannon Thiesen
YDAA 2016
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Mike Hildebrand Distinguished Alumnus 2015 2
Dr. Mike Hildebrand
DAA 2015
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DSC 5475
Alex Reimer
YDAA 2015
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Patti MacAhonic
DAA 2014
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15312030389 cb75eb276b o e1433536250314
Tanya Jonker
YDAA 2014
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Stu Chahal LR
Jasbir (Stu) Chahal
DAA 2013
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Evan Wiens
Evan Wiens
YDAA 2013
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George Hemeon
DAA 2012
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Alex McAulay LR
Alex McAulay
YDAA 2012
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Shirzad Ahmed
DAA 2011
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Tracey Vanderaegen Jones LR
Tracey Vanderaegen-Jones
DAA 2010
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Autumn Jenkinson
DAA 2009
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Gus Hartl Resized for Web
Gus Hartl
DAA 2008
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Mary Anne Waterhouse1 LR
Mary Anne Waterhouse
DAA 2007
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Terry Lynn Stone LR
Terry-Lynn Stone
DAA 2005
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Amarjit Kingra 102308UFV4 LR
Amarjit Kingra
DAA 2004
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Sherry Mumford
Sherry Mumford
DAA 2003
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