Distinguished Alumni Awards

Nominations for the 2024 Distinguished and Young Distinguished Alumni awards close March 15, 2024.

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UFV Alumni are doing incredible work at home and around the world.

Established in 2003, the UFV Distinguished Alumni Award is conferred on a UFV graduate who has achieved outstanding distinction in career, educational achievement, or community service.

In 2012 the Young Distinguished Alumni Award was established, going to a graduate of UFV who is 35 years of age or younger and who has achieved outstanding distinction in the above categories.

Both awards recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of exceptional alumni, emphasizing the hard work of our alums across all ages and careers.

Meet our recent winners

Headshot of Eryn Braley.
Eryn Braley (BSc ’19) —
Winner of 2023 Young Distinguished Alumni Award Winner
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Eric Gerbrandt standing out in his blueberry fields
Eric Gerbrandt (BSc ’09) —
2023 Distinguished Alumni Award Winner
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Do you know an alum doing great things?

UFV employees, students, alumni, board members, or members of the community are all welcome to nominate candidates for the Distinguished Alumni Awards.

What we are looking for

The nominee must meet the following criteria.

  1. Meet the definition of alumni as defined in the Alumni Association By-laws 1. 4 (b) – graduated with a master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, diploma, certificate or citation from FVC, or the UCFV, or the UFV or who, prior to January 1, 2004, completed 30 or more credits; (c) have been conferred an honourary Doctorate from FVC, UCFV and/or UFV; or (d) have earned a certificate in a trades program.
  2. Young Distinguished Alumni Awards must be 35 years of age or younger as of the nomination deadline.
  3. Have demonstrated distinct excellence, in one or more of the following areas:
    • Community, national, and international contributions
      • Individual has recognizable contributions to our society at one or more of these levels
      • Demonstrates exemplary service to their community over a sustained period of time and made a tangible difference in their community
      • What organizations or activities does this recipient participate in which has lead to an Impact on society beyond their area of work or study?
      • Demonstrates outstanding research or innovation that has made a significant impact to the community and society
    • Leadership
      • Recognized for their leadership skills and roles within their community or field; represents the core values of leadership such as
        • Vision
        • Persistent effort and courage in the face of adversity
        • Demonstrates integrity when in difficult situations
        • Humility and focuses more on a team-based environment than personal achievement
        • Respect for others and themselves
        • Influential in their community, residential or career field
      • Recognized as a role model for peers and other community members; someone who our UFV students could look up to
      • Provide examples of how the nominee has demonstrated leadership outside of their career through participation in organizations or other activities
    • Impact in their field
      • Recipient has earned regional, national or international recognition for their work, or has had a significant local impact as a result of their outstanding professional achievements in their field
      • Made a breakthrough or significant changes in their chosen field for the betterment of their peers and that has a significant impact on our wider society
      • Provide examples of what differentiates this candidate from their given field of expertise from their peers that make them truly outstanding?
    • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI): creating positive change for people of any age, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, including those who would fall under the category, known as ‘BIPOC’ (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour)
      • Has launched or led a local, regional or national initiative to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in recruitment, development and/or retention in the workplace, educational institution, or in volunteer organization.
      • Has launched or led a local, regional or national initiative to create change to human resources practices with regard to pay disparities related to gender.
      • Has launched or led a local, regional or national initiative to ensure that immigrants and those with multilingual requirements are provided equal opportunity in the workplace, student institution, or in a volunteer organization.
      • Has launched or led a local, regional or national initiative for BIPOC cultural awareness, to promote cultural sensitivity in the community, workplace, student institutions, or in volunteer organizations.
  1. The candidate selected to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award must attend the presentation ceremony to receive the award, either physically or virtually.
    • except in rare circumstances: posthumous award or unexpected illness or emergency
  1. The nominee grants the Alumni Association permission to validate any claims made in the nomination package.