The UFV Alumni Association supports and honours UFV students and alumni with our awards. We’d also like to recognize the contributions of valued community members who help make these awards a reality with their generosity.

Distinguished Alumni awards

Two of these awards are given to UFV alumni who have achieved outstanding distinction in career, educational achievement, and community service. These non-monetary awards recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of exceptional UFV alumni. One of these awards is presented to an alum under the age of 35, as a Young Distinguished Alumni Award.

Outstanding Student Leader award

The Outstanding Student Leader Award was funded in 2019 by a group of alumni and the UFV Alumni Association. The award was designed to honour a student who has made impressive contributions to the UFV community.

The award will be bestowed annually, chosen by a committee of the UFVAA. The UFVAA seeks to recognize and engage with student leaders who go above and beyond the typical expectation on campus. As leaders, their accomplishments will serve as an example to the student body, the UFV community, and all those who follow the award recipient.

Alumni Association Financial Aid awards

The Alumni Association funds multiple bursaries, leadership awards, and a graduate leadership award to support UFV students and alumni financially as they continue their educational journeys at UFV and beyond.