Welcoming new directors: Vlad Gavrilov

Vlad GavrilovIt’s hard to match the energy Vladislav Gavrilov brings to everything he does. He graduated from UFV with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2023. He does all his work with a great sense of enthusiasm and with a smile on his face. Gavrilov is one of four members joining the UFV Alumni Association’s (UFVAA) Board of Directors this month. He was welcomed at the September 27 regular meeting of the board. The UFV Alumni Association’s volunteer board is dedicated to the Association’s purpose of “fostering lifelong relationships between alumni and the University and the Fraser Valley through advocacy, support, service and communication”.

Having previously served as the VP Students for the UFV Student Union Society, Gavrilov is excited to continue being a positive influence for the UFV community, now as an alum.

“One of my core values is the ability to have a positive impact on those around me,” says Gavrilov. “While my days as a UFV student have come to an end, I strongly believe I can continue contributing to building the UFV community and connecting it further to the alumni body through my active contribution.”

Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources and a Diploma in Criminal Justice, Gavrilov has a broad set of skills that he is still developing and hoping to lend to the UFVAA Board.

“My program taught me skills that I hope to leverage into this role,” says Gavrilov. “This includes learning how to adapt to change, work well under pressure and build long standing connections.”

Recently, Gavrilov joined Archway Community Services in Human Resources, a job he’s very passionate about. It’s clear when working with Gavrilov that he puts relationship and positivity at the forefront.

He recalls his time at UFV fondly, considering it a second home.

“I was officially welcomed to UFV as a new student during New Student Orientation in 2016. Little did I know that UFV would later become my second home,” says Gavrilov. “This was a day packed with information on finding classes, getting to know the university but most importantly of all, the day when I first felt part of the UFV community. Six years later I had the honour to partake in hundreds of events in our university, work for a variety of departments and be elected Vice President of the Student Union.”

“I am delighted to officially welcome Vlad to our Board of Directors this year,” says UFVAA Executive Director Whitney Fordham. “His enthusiasm, dedication, and passion for building a brighter future for our alumni community align perfectly with our vision. Together, we will continue to create meaningful connections, celebrate achievements, and pave the way for exciting future opportunities for engagement.”

Welcome Vlad.

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