Winning label design chosen for 2015’s Commemorative Wine

Honouring the achievements of UFV Alumni

The winner of the 2015 commemorative wine label artist competition is UFV alumna Catherine Adamson. Catherine graduated from UFV in 2003 with a degree in English and Visual Arts. She is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and her work has earned numerous awards and recognition. She developed a style of painting she calls the “free flow” method and her pieces are full of depth and vivid colours inspired by nature. You can catch a glimpse of her paintings displayed in galleries and cafes from Horseshoe Bay to Maui. Check out more of Catherine’s work on her site:

Catherine’s artistic vision brings an added beauty to the two wines chosen for 2015. Produced by the Chaberton Estate Winery, the white is a 2013 Reserve Bacchus and the red is a 2013 Valley Gamay. Catherine’s winning pieces for the label designs are titled Salsa and Perlette.

For the past eleven years, the UFV Alumni Association has celebrated a rich and unique tradition: each year, two commemorative wines are produced in honour of the graduating class and the labels are designed by UFV alumni. At the launch event each spring, the wines are unveiled and the winner of the artist competition is announced. It’s one of many Alumni Association initiatives and an amazing opportunity for connecting with the UFV community and celebrating the achievements of their alumni.