Alumni Association releases new strategic plan

FRASER VALLEY – Over the past six months, the UFV Alumni Association has been developing a new strategic plan. Nav Bains, Chair of the Alumni Association announces, “We are proud to say we have achieved a new strategic plan and vision for the UFV Alumni Association, for many years to come”.

He continues, “Building on the foundations of the Alumni Association’s previous strategic plans, the new plan allows the Alumni Association to assist future generations of alumni to achieve success and growth”.

The UFV Alumni Association began April 1, 2001 and has been growing steadily ever since. The Association’s purpose is to foster lifelong relationships between alumni and the University of the Fraser Valley through advocacy, support, service and communication.

The organization’s vision statement is: Empower alumni present & future, while the new mission statement is as follows:

To encourage and advocate for an evolving UFV community by providing valuable opportunities for present and future alumni to thrive, through:

• Creating opportunities for alumni, through both personal and professional development
• Engaging the individual strengths of departments, faculties, schools and colleges and their alumni
• Partnering with student support groups at UFV to engage future alumni
• Engaging with diverse communities throughout the Fraser Valley and beyond
• Fostering a culture of philanthropy of time, talent, and treasure

Read the entire plan here – UFV Alumni Association 2018 – 2021 Strategic Plan

The UFV Alumni Association Executive Team presented the new strategic plan on March 1st at the UFV Board of Governors meeting, where they shared what the plan means for the university, alumni and the community. The Executive Team consists of Bains, as well as Vice-Chair Ali Siemens, and Associate Vice-Chairs Melissa Kendzierski and Wayne Ortner.

“We are excited about implementing the plan and look forward to further strengthening the current partnership we share with all parts of the university and the diverse communities that we serve”, says Bains.

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