Alumni Board welcomes new members, launches new committee

ABBOTSFORD – UFV makes an exceptional effort to engage with and acknowledge its alumni. The UFV Alumni Relations Office and the UFV Alumni Association have hosted multiple events, partnered with companies to provide alumni benefits, and distributed alumni and student awards. None of these opportunities would be possible without the support and efforts of the dedicated individuals on the Alumni Board of Directors.

UFV recently welcomed three new individuals onto the Alumni Board of Directors: Emily Henry (Cert ’05), Jess Delves (BFA ’13, GDD ’17) and Kelly Blakeborough (BA ’04).

Blakeborough attended UFV, then known as UCFV, in the 2000s, and received her Bachelor of Arts in 2004. She currently resides in Chilliwack and works as a branch manager for the HUB International insurance brokerage. Blakeborough is an active member of the Chilliwack community, having volunteered for community events and fundraisers, and with ESL students.

Delves is also an active member of her community. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2013, she launched her career as a freelance graphic designer specializing in local small business. Delves works within the Fraser Valley area and her design mantra is ‘Less is More’. When she is not focusing on her upcoming creative co-working space in Abbotsford, Delves is using her design skills to raise awareness for topics that she is passionate about.

Henry is also passionate about her career. Having been a part of Correctional Service Canada (CSC) for the past 20 years and currently working as a Senior Project Officer, Henry has created two different streams of intervention programs: the Aboriginal Integrated Correctional Program Model (AICPM) stream and the AICPM Sex Offender stream. Henry received UFV’s  prestigious Distinguished Alumni Award in 2017. She was appointed by the Commissioner of CSC as the National Chair, of the Champion and Chairs of Indigenous Employees, and in her capacity sits on CSC’s national Employment Equity and Diversity Committee.

The UFV Alumni Association values the expertise, experiences and perspectives that these new members bring.

The Alumni Association also recently established a Community and Diversity committee. The committee was created in response to the need for the Association to further connect with the community of the Fraser Valley and beyond. The committee is tasked with working with the South Asian Studies Institute, UFV International, and the UFV Indigenous Affairs Office in addition to external community organizations.

Nav Bains, Chair of the UFV Alumni Association, describes the committee as a way to “work within the diverse walls of UFV, but also look to integrate ourselves further with our diverse community of the Fraser Valley and beyond.” Bains also states that the Lower Mainland is one of the most diverse areas and that the association board members are “excited to have established a committee to work with our diverse surrounding communities to further impact alumni, students and community.”

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