UFV Alumni Association welcomes Jessica Levesque

  • December 19, 2022

Jessica LevesqueAnyone who knows Jessica Levesque (BBA ’20) knows the quality and breadth of her work. She is now bringing her experience and mindset to the UFV Alumni Association as one of the newest members of its Board of Directors. She was welcomed at the November 23 regular meeting of the board. The UFV Alumni Association’s volunteer board is dedicated to the Association’s purpose of “fostering lifelong relationships between alumni and the University and the Fraser Valley through advocacy, support, service and communication”.

Though Jessica is a recent graduate, she took her time with her degree to build on her education with experience. She once had the role of President for the Student Union Society, and now works with the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce.

“I currently work as the Business Engagement Manager with the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce,” says Jessica, “and volunteer with the Abbotsford Police Foundation and AbbotsfordFIRST on their marketing teams. I have been working on an affordable housing project for ~ 10 years now to create a positive impact in the affordable housing market.”

Though her career has not always been so clear.

“After struggling with anxiety and depression for many years,” says Jessica. “I began committing time to take care of my mental health and well-being. This included many different areas of focus but one main one that impacted my studies was registering as a student with a disability with the UFV Centre for Accessibility Services (CAS) and talking with the counseling department. My grades improved with the additional support for test writing and other accommodations, and I truly became a lifelong learner that enjoyed school.”

These experiences have made Jessica a champion for mental health, driving a passion for making spaces to reduce stigma associated with mental illness.

She now comes to the UFV Alumni Association hoping to take part in the growth of the organization.

“I am looking forward to connecting my various roles that all focus on engagement and connection to create new opportunities for people to advance their personal/professional goals,” says Jessica. “Additionally, I am looking forward to contributing to the work that is being done around strategic planning.”

She looks forward to applying her passion and the skills she learned working for the Student Union Society to the UFV Alumni Association. “I wanted to continue working towards initiatives that positively impact the entire UFV community, in turn, benefiting the community around us,” says Jessica.

We look forward to the contributions and skillset she will bring to the table and are excited to have her on the board of directors.

Welcome Jessica.

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