Keeping in Touch — Rasleen Hans

Rasleen HanRasleen Hans (nee Uppal) (BKin ’17) is a senior occupational health and safety advisor for BC Municipal Safety Association (BCMSA), a non-profit organization committed to improving worker health and safety in all industries throughout the province. 

“I am able to do meaningful work to support local government in creating healthier and safer workplaces by reducing injuries and safety-related financial costs. I get to collaborate with many industry professionals like WSBC and industry health and safety experts. I love that every day is different, and I am always learning new skills. 

“There were two courses that stood out to me in my last year. One was a course on professional experience where I got to go out into the field and see the type of work a kinesiology graduate could do. The second was about examining the work environment, equipment design, and ergonomic assessments in the workplace. I really enjoyed these courses and decided to pursue further education in occupational health and safety management.”

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