Welcoming the newest Indigenous graduates to the alumni family

By Kihci Têpakohp Iskotêw Iskwêw (Emily Henry), (Cert. Social Work ’05, SWHS SAC)
UFV Alumni Association Board of Directors

With gratitude in our hearts, we acknowledge that we are learning, teaching and working on the Stó:lō nation’s traditional territory. We would like to thank the Elders, Ancestors and people for generously their resources with us.

It has been told that in many Indigenous nations that there is a teaching that states, ‘what a person does presently, they do so, bearing in mind that their actions impacts the next seven generations’. As we consider the accomplishments of the graduating Indigenous students of 2021, this certainly holds true. Their dedication and perseverance will brighten their futures; thereby impacting their families and communities. We can only imagine how graduating students will positively impact the generation yet to arrive. The Alumni Board of Directors are especially proud of the Indigenous students for their commitment to their learning journey during the pandemic. You have demonstrated an incredible amount of resiliency and your tenacity also speaks of the positive impacts the you have had on those around you. We are inspired by you.

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Handmade cedar mortarboard

At this time, we also acknowledge UFV’s Indigenous team, the Elders and Indigenous community for paying tribute to the graduates of 2021, through a virtual ceremony. Borrowing from the surrounding First Nations beautiful acknowledgement of gratitude, ‘we collectively raise our hands to you’ and congratulate you on ensuring that regardless of the pandemic, our Indigenous graduates felt honoured and celebrated. We understand from the witnesses present, the entire ceremony was incredibly beautiful and moving. They felt honoured and humbled to be included in this joyous celebration.

UFV’s Alumni Association proudly welcomes our newest Indigenous graduates to the alumni family and we celebrate your achievements and wish you every success in the future.