How CECE can support alumni

A look into the Centre for Experiential and Career Education's resources

  • October 25, 2022

Melissa Naman CityStudio Hubbub April 2022It’s a common refrain among university students about to graduate.

“I’ve got this degree. What am I going to do with it?”

For many graduates, an undergraduate is just the first step in their educational and career futures; but sometimes that future remains unclear even after they cross the stage at convocation.

This is where the Centre for Experiential and Career Education comes in.

“I do hear that a lot,” says Melissa Naman (Cert ABT ’17), CECE office assistant. “People wonder what comes next. But we can help.

“CECE’s whole purpose is to help students and alumni prepare for their future careers.”

The CECE website, contains a large number of resources for support. As well, their office has many handouts available on topics such as resume writing, the job search process, interview skills, and how to seek references.

“We can provide all the basic tools in the job search process,” says Naman, who is a UFV alumna herself.

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing CECE’s resources is the personalized approach to career support.

“Some people are just looking for a really quick: ‘I have a resume, I think it looks really good, but can you look over it?’ And a career coach will just give tips and feedback,” says Naman. “And then you can always book a follow up if you need more help.”

Look for CECE to have a big presence around campus supporting departments during Career Month in November. To recognize this national initiative, CECE is hosting a keynote at on November 1 with speaker Alyson Seale, head of the TASK program at UFV, on the topic of how a disability can amplify your employment success.

Registration for the event is available on the CECE website here.

In addition to the keynote, there will be other panels featured throughout the month, including a session on November 17 called How to Negotiate Salary and Benefits, and a Step Café  on November 23 for International students and alumni to learn about networking and mentorship.

“Career month is just one of the many tools that we use to help students prepare for their future careers,” says Naman.

“I always say, even if you don’t think you need more help, just go anyways,” says Naman, “because you can always learn something. Doesn’t matter if you think you know how to write a resume, always go, and attend these seminars or workshops, because current best practices change over time as well. So, even if you think you’re all set: it’s free, just sign up, just do it. You’re going to learn something.”

Events offered at Career Month also provide networking opportunities that can lead to career growth.

“You’re going to meet peers; you’re going to meet potential future employers. So, I just think there’s a lot of benefit for attending these things,” Naman says.

So, be sure to check out the calendar of upcoming career events taking place. But keep in mind that these are not the only options. CECE is always open to feedback about what kinds of sessions to offer.

“If anyone has requests, or anything they want to learn more about, they can always email And we’re always happy to collect some feedback on what to offer.”

To learn more about the services available to alumni, or how to book a career coaching session, visit:

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