Celebrating the newest Future Students trio

  • January 18, 2022

UFV is known as welcoming place, and the Future Students office does a lot to reinforce that reputation.

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So it’s only fitting that the staff who go out to meet future students at post-secondary education fairs, high school visits, and campus tours are UFV alumni themselves, bringing an insider’s perspective to their duties.

UFV has recently welcomed three UFV alumni as permanent staff in the Future Students office. This office is the first point of contact for many students, focusing on showcasing what UFV has to offer and how students can get started on their post-secondary journey. Student Recruiters and the Future Students office help potential students reach the starting line, avoid obstacles, and get on the path to their university education.

The office is now staffed by (left to right) Chelan Scott (BA ’21), Lauren Dallow (BA Crim ’18), and Brayden Tielmann (BBA ’18).

Lauren Dallow is the Future Students office coordinator.

She has always been passionate about education and has a desire to improve access to all prospective students.

“This position provides me with the opportunity to advocate for and help students,” she says. Having been a student at UFV herself, she understands the barriers and processes that can be overwhelming to new students as they begin their journey, no matter what age they are when they start.

Student recruiter Chelan Scott is an education enthusiast who focused her attention on approaching her studies and educational journey with an open mind. It’s her job to ensure students know their options.

“I encourage students to be open to opportunities they may not have planned for,” says Scott, noting that she went into the classroom with a specific goal, but allowed herself time to think, pivot, and find a career she loves helping the next generation.

Student recruiter Brayden Tielmann  kicked off his UFV career when he was still a student in the Bachelor of Business Administration program.

“I did a work-study with the Alumni Relations department, which gave me the desire to pursue a career in post-secondary,” he says.

It is experiences like work-study, volunteering, and joining clubs that give students the perspective they need to chart a path forward.

All three alumni cite the joy it brings them to assist students with their post-secondary decisions. Education is a journey that helps students carve out plans for their future, and for these three alumni, they couldn’t be happier to be a part of the journey. As for advice, Dallow reminds future and current students to get involved in campus life.

“So much of what and who I have in my life is because I stepped out my comfort zone and got involved in the campus.”

University is about education. It’s also about community.  UFV is glad to welcome three alumni on board to help with our mission of engaging learners, transforming lives, and building community.